From mobile to desktop: Getty expands its Stream app

Visual communications company Getty Images has release a desktop version of its Stream app, which, according to a release, makes it easier for consumers to “to access, curate and share” its vast range of imagery.

The free app, which follows on from Getty’s recent launch of Stream for iPhones and iPads, offers continuously updated, curated streams of the latest local and international news, sport and entertainment imagery. And in this sense, it provides creative and media professionals with easier access to content that’s relevant to them on a specific day.

“Our new, free Stream app delivers Getty Images’ stunning news, sport and entertainment photography straight to your iPhone and iPad, giving you a front row seat to the latest events around the globe,” said Getty Images chief technology officer Steve Heck in a release after the initial launch of stream. “Imagery is the world’s most spoken language. People love our award-winning pictures and Stream makes it easier than ever to view – and share – the world through the lens of Getty Images photographers.”

The app also includes an embed feature that allows users to easily—and legally—share content via their desktop devices for non-commercial use on blogs and social media.

This embed feature was first unveiled earlier this year, and since its launch it has already resulted in over a billion impressions on various publications throughout the world.      

In addition to this, users can also restyle their desktop displays with a wallpaper feature that allows them to choose their favourite images as a desktop background. 

And in the event that user want to display imagery during a presentation, then the app also facilitates this through a feature that enables slideshows of any stream on Mac or Apple devices, using Apple AirPlay (including Apple TV).

While it may seem counterintuitive for Getty to shift from mobile to desktop, it’s worth remembering that many decision-makers working in the media industry continue to fulfill their daily work responsibilities from behind a desktop screen. And the company will hope that the expansion of the app results in more people purchasing its visual content when they’re at the office.      

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