Slangin’ with Steve—UPDATED

UPDATE: Here’s part two. 

Original story: 19th March

Oklahoma City Thunder’s resident Kiwi Steven Adams has already done a bit of spruiking, fronting the campaign for Spark’s soon-to-launch The Boroughs project with some of the best sports star acting you’ll see and signing on with Adidas after he was accepted to the NBA. And now American bank BancFirst has embraced his colloquialisms in a new ad called ‘Speaking Kiwi with Steven Adams’. 


The ad features Adams talking about his new life in America and talking up BancFirst with added subtitles that explain what the hell he’s on about (we have seen examples of New Zealanders being interviewed for American TV that have had subtitles added). 

For example: “You’d have to be two sammies short of a picnic not to bust a gut to do all your banking with BancFirst. Whether you are loaded or on the dole, they treat you like rellies and never spit the dummy and they always put in a hard day’s yakka.

Americans just can’t seem to get enough of the Kiwi accent. But Australians are a different kettle of fish. 

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