The gifs that keep on giving

As the .GIFYs, Buzzfeed and Reddit show, looping images are extremely appealing to modern day humans. And, in celebration of International Happiness Day last Friday, Google, Pharrell Williams and the UN foundation invited folks from all over the globe to create their own dancing GIF and spread a bit of happiness for climate action.

Created by The Rumpus Room, Sweet Shop’s sister company, visitors to the Global GIF “Happy Party” website instantly hear the very familiar sound of William’s track ‘Happy’ and are then struck by thousands of GIFS of people dancing and smiling.

The website offers the option for visitors to click on different parts of the world and watch happy people from those countries spreading their infectious happiness through the medium of dance. And with the online realm becoming known more for its negativity than its positivity, it’s a refreshing change. 

Participants in the ‘Happy Party’ who sent in their GIFS also spread a bit of environmental awareness. As the website says: “Thousands of happy people from all over the world joined in, creating their very own shareable GIFs and dancing along to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell. Not only that, they invited their friends, signed the Live Earth petition for climate action, and helped spread the word even further about the importance of taking action for a #HAPPYPLANET.” 

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