SKY TV makes its office a ‘Happy Place’

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Who they’re for: SKY TV by DDB and Automatic films.

Why we like it: Only the coldest, darkest and most bitter of hearts would be unable to find some black comedy joy in SKY TV’s ‘Happy Place’ campaign. And these two new offerings, while not quite as ridiculous and surreal as the Que Sera Sera spot, also include extremely high levels of tomfoolery and jocularity. Importantly, one of them also includes a man getting hit in the head with a ball. The ads are to bring attention to SKY’s new upgrade channel and online self-service function, but it might also get them an award for being the nation’s most awesomest workplace.

And, if you haven’t yet seen Vincent Gallo wandering aimlessly through the wilderness, there’s also this strangely enticing new spot by Publicis Mojo for Steinlager Pure.

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