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Roy has been very busy finding out just how happy Kiwis (and a few Aussies) are with the products and services they spend their hard-earned dosh on, and Pumpkin Patch, TSB bank, Bunnings and Air New Zealand are some of the major brands currently winning hearts and minds with their top notch customer service.

The February 2010 Roy Morgan New Zealand Banking Customer Satisfaction Survey showed an improvement over the last quarter in the overall satisfaction levels with the five major banks. But despite the improvements, they all lost ground over the last 12 months to TSB Bank, which is the clear market leader.

In the six months to February 2010, satisfaction reported by customers of the five major banks increased overall by 1.2 percent to 76.2 percent. The biggest improver was Westpac, up 2.8 percent to 73.8 percent, followed by ASB (up 1.6 percent points to 79.6 percent). The top big bank performers were National Bank (79.7 percent) and ASB (79.6 percent), followed by BNZ (74.3 percent), Westpac (73.8 percent) and ANZ (72.5 percent).

TSB Bank and Kiwibank improved their performance marginally over the previous quarter and continued to outperform their bigger competitors with a satisfaction levels of 91.4 percent and 83.2 percent respectively.

Scott Muirhead, customer analytics manager at Roy Morgan Research says the February 2010 results show tentative signs that sentiment towards the big banks is beginning to improve. They now have satisfaction levels well above their average performance over the last seven years and are getting closer to their peak (78.0 percent) reached in March 2009.

“The challenge for majors will be to continue this positive recent trend and to close the big gap to the market leaders TSB Bank and Kiwibank.”

Bank Customer Satisfaction

Source: Roy Morgan Research August 2001 — February 2010.

The March 2010 Roy Morgan International Airline Satisfaction Survey shows Air New Zealand at the top of the pile for satisfaction among Australian air travellers, with 89.9 percent of Aussies who took a flight with our national carrier in the last 12 months being ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ satisfied, compared with 88.4 percent for Singapore Airlines and 87.9 percent for Emirates. By contrast, only 80.1 percent of Qantas customers on international flights were satisfied, placing it seventh on the list.

Satisfaction with International Airlines used in last 12 months

The annual Roy Morgan Retail Satisfaction Report, which is based on an extensive survey of over 11,000 respondents aged 14 and over and comprises information on channels, brands and product usage as well as attitudes, activities and extensive media usage, showed Bunnings (with 88.5 percent of its customers satisfied) as the top hardware store for customer satisfaction for the 12 months to December 2009, followed by Hammer Hardware (85.7 percent), Mitre 10 (85.6 percent) and PlaceMakers (83.3 percent).

Overall hardware store satisfaction was 82.7 percent, below the average of 83.8 percent for all 66 stores measured across non-food retail sectors.
Muirhead says ITM and Carters both target the trade and, as a result, are likely to be impacted more by the decline in consumer intention over the next 12 months to build new homes or carry out major renovations that we see in our survey. “This potential decline in trade customers will make it essential to improve their performance among their retail customers where they currently lag behind the major hardware stores.”
Satisfaction with Hardware Stores — 12 months to December 2009

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source January 2009 – December 2009.
Total Hardware Store customers n =5,318 Total Non-food Store customers n = 10,528.

When it comes to New Zealand baby/children clothes and accessory stores, Pumpkin Patch took the medal, with a higher percentage of satisfied customers (91.6 percent) than its two major competitors (The Baby Factory at 86.4 percent and Babycity at 81.0 percent). Pumpkin Patch also ranked highest amongst all of the 66 stores measured across non-food retail sectors.

Mark Dansey, head of New Zealand operations at Roy Morgan Research, says Pumpkin Patch’s satisfaction rating has been steadily increasing over the last two years and it is now one of only two stores across New Zealand to have a score above 90 percent.

“Pumpkin Patch is a successful New Zealand company that is making waves in international markets. The cornerstone of this success is clearly good customer satisfaction.”

Satisfaction with Baby/Children Clothes and Accessory Stores — 12 months to December ‘09

: Roy Morgan Single Source January 09 — December 09.
(Total Baby/Children Clothes and Accessory Store customers n= 738, Total Non-food Store customers n = 10,528

Maintaining the fairly high satisfaction rates, electrical stores averaged 83.3 percent customer satisfaction. Over the last 12 months all the major electrical retailers in New Zealand have shown improvement in their level of customer satisfaction with the greatest gains being seen by Bond & Bond (up 3.9 percent to 83.8 percent) and Dick Smith (up 3.4 percent to 83.8 percent). All the electrical retailers now have very similar ratings, with Noel Leeming now only marginally behind the market leaders with 81.7 percent (up 3.2 percent).

Muirhead says the fiercely competitive electronics retail sector now shows very little variation in customer satisfaction across the major brands.

“This could lead to price being one of the very few factors determining customer retailer choice which puts increased pressure on profitability in the long term.”
Satisfaction with Electrical Stores — January to December 2009

: Roy Morgan Single Source January 2009 – December 2009. Total Electrical Stores, n=1,997, Total Non-food Store customers n = 10,528).

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