Samsung’s charity launch

How do you launch a mobile phone to hip, affluent early adopters and show some corporate social responsibility as well? If you’re Samsung, you team up with iconic fashion label Zambesi, get a bunch of celebs to take photos on said phone, auction off the pics and donate the funds to Youthline.

Pic by Otis FrizzellPic by Otis Frizzell

The photographers include actress Madeleine Sami, director Taika Waititi, artist Otis Frizzell, George FM breakfast host Nick D, Flossie’s Tee Twyford and other fashionistas. All pics were taken on Samsung’s new superslim Ultra Touch phone, which has an 8- megapixel camera.

See all the photos on the website and register to make a bid on a pic. Winning bids will not only receive a lovely laminated print of the image but also an invite to the exclusive photo exhibition and charity auction to be held at Zambesi’s new store in Newmarket next Wednesday 16 September. Up for auction that night will be 10 unseen photos from the celebrity shooters.

Pic by Madeleine SamiPic by Madeleine Sami

Self-portrait by Taika WaititiSelf-portrait by Taika Waititi

Pic by stylist Marissa FindlayPic by stylist Marissa Findlay


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