Samsung announces arrival of Note 4 and other toys, fails to reach Apple-level product launch mania

While the press and pretty much anyone with a Twitter account seemed to jump on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch like it was going out of fashion (it’s not), Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 4 this week with a notable lack of column inches in the press.

Even Apple’s bend-gate probably worked in its favour, if all publicity is good publicity. But, undeterred, and attempting to back up its ‘Next Best Thing is Already here’ positioning, Samsung showed off its new technology at Albany Mall and Sylvia Park on Monday, with a positive response from Facebook users. 

It also launched a new smartwatch (Gear S) and a virtual reality simulator called the Gear VR.

Samsung, in keeping with its attacks on Apple, released a feisty print ad via Colenso BBDO a few weeks back telling Apple what its next model should include.

And, despite receiving some negative press when the fairly sizeable Note was first released, it also put the doubters in their place by pointing out that many other phone manufacturers had followed suit. 

On Facebook, many were clamouring to find out when the Samsung Note Edge would be coming out. The Edge is similar to the Note 4 in a lot of ways, apart from the fact that it has a 5.6-inch Quad HD display that wraps over the side of the device, offering users more screen action.

Others were asking why they should upgrade from a Note 3, to which Samsung replied: “The Note 4 has enhanced S Pen functionality and even better multitasking. There’s also a whole range of innovative features such as an amazing Quad HD super AMOLED screen, brighter and more stable Front and Back Camera, Fast Adaptive Charging, plus loads more.”


Samsung has also been plugged in to a unique promotion launched yesterday by Vodafone, offering people the chance to get revenge on Jimmy Spithill, the Australian yachtsman who helped to defeat Team New Zealand in 2013.

Users go in the draw by playing a virtual sailing game over at www.vodafonesailing.co.nz on their smartphone or tablet, with the winner earning the chance to race a 60ft trimaran boat against Spithill from a helicopter, using just the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung New Zealand marketing director Mike Cornwell also name-drops of one of New Zealand’s best-loved directors, Taita Waititi, who has previously fronted for Samsung in the very funny State of the -Ation campaign. 

“We’re encouraging artistic Kiwis like Taika Waititi to trial the Note 4. The amazing screen, camera and the S-Pen mean that people like Taika can capture things that inspire them, make their own notes and easily share the output with the people around them,” he says.

The promo for the Samsung Galaxy S5 featured an endorsement deal with All Black Israel Dagg. The ads showed Dagg being a larrikin and going for five days without charging his battery, while putting it through a host of tests like showering, spilling water and showing off that the phone is water resistant up to one metre for up to 30 minutes (don’t try that with the Note 4). 

Samsung has also paired up with a Kiwi photographer Rachel Hale McKenna to save black cats from being abandoned. In a sad indictment on humanity, the UK RSPCA reported in July that black kittens were being dropped after people found they were no good for selfies. So the Samsung Galaxy S5 came to the rescue.

Samsung has also done some pretty cool promotions around the world for recent launches.

In Sweden, shoppers in a Samsung store were enticed when one of the display Alpha phones started to ring. Those who picked up the phone could win it, with the TVC urging consumers to “PICK IT UP”.

This week Samsung also announced it had risen to seventh position in Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands’ report. Apple unsurprisingly sits in the top spot.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available in-store from telcos and selected retailers from tomorrow.

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