Rogue text leads to grovelling, begging and weeping at feet of Whistle

Back in the mists of time, a journalist asked British prime minister Maurice Harold Macmillan what was most likely to blow governments off course. And his famously witty response was reputed to be: “Events, dear boy, events”. Unfortunately, events can also blow magazines off course from time to time and in the soon-to-be released July/August of NZ Marketing, his quote, ‘events, dear boy, events’ (which is the headline for a feature about the expos and exhibitions industry, in case you were wondering) has somehow managed to slip onto a full-page ad for ad agency Whistle.

Slightly ironically, the text of the agency’s ad says ‘A lot can happen between the headline at the top of an ad and the call-to-action at the bottom.’ And, as you can see below, a lot can also happen beside the headline. Obviously, this is an embarrassing mistake and it reflects poorly on Whistle. We thought about filming an apologetic TV commercial where the whole NZ Marketing team would go fly fishing in the South Island. And we even thought about blaming it on some designers in Manilla who we outsourced the work to. But then we decided the best approach was a good old fashioned apology. So, sorry Whistle. It was entirely our fault. And to make up for it, maybe you should go and check out their website and their portfolio to see what they’ve been up to.

Here at StopPress, we occasionally throw a few good-natured stones when things don’t quite go according to plan, and we know we’re standing in a great big glass-house when we throw them. So consider this a self-woopsie and laugh at our expense. We can only hope that the ‘all publicity is good publicity rule’ applies here and it actually brings more attention to the agency.

Now, time to play spot the difference:

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