Reverse signchology

FirestoneFirestone Glen Innes wasn’t actually voted worst coffee in East Auckland. But it has been voted ‘most captivating local sign of Friday afternoon’ by a panel of StopPress experts.

Apparently the sign was inspired by one of the manager’s friends, who attempted to create a little bit of interest in his establishment and emblazoned his steakhouse with: ‘Voted Adelaide’s worst vegetarian restaurant’.

Some of the area’s coffee purveyors have been less than impressed with the wording, and it has created some confusion, because if you fail to notice the Firestone logo, it reads like Glen Innes itself was voted as having East Auckland’s worst coffee.

Still, the sign has also created a few laughs along the way and people often comment on it. But there’s a new, similarly tongue ‘n’ cheeky sign currently in development.

StopPress will bring you all the sordid developments.

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