Return of the door knockers: a dinosaur in the suburbs

Contagion has reprised its ‘Door knocker’ campaign for Energy Online, this time introducing a dinosaur to terrorise door-to-door sales people.

In keeping with the previous approach, the latest edition of the campaign again makes use of the hidden camera technique, capturing the horror on the sales person’s face when the dinosaur suddenly appears.

The original ‘Doorknocker’ campaign proved a major success for Energy Online, going viral locally and then went on to become the seventh most watched viral video on YouTube last year (Energy Online has also tallied the most Facebook likes of any energy company in New Zealand). And these results were particularly important given that energy companies struggle to generate consumer interaction—unless, of course, there’s a problem.  

Contagion executive creative director Bridget Taylor says that it has been good working with Energy Online, given that the agency has the been given the freedom to experiment creatively.

“It’s great to be involved with a ‘do don’t say’ brand,” she says. “We’ve been given enormous leeway to demonstrate the brands benefits in very unique ways.”

While this is only the second quirky video release, this actually marks the third stage of the campaign, which kicked off last year when Contagion revamped the energy company’s website, mobile app and other offline touchpoints.

“Energy Online is a great success story for us,” Contagion managing director Dean Taylor says.  

“It’s great to be responsible for challenging one of the largest utility segments in New Zealand … [and] we’re thrilled to be able to share the next iteration of the strategy and love that it’s been a success to date.”

And as the screams across both video clips attest, Taylor wasn’t the only one “thrilled” by this campaign.


Client: Energy Online
Client: Cameron Jardine, Group Manager New & Growth Business

Agency: Contagion
Planner: Dean Taylor
Client Partners: George Sim, Tim Brown, Joseph Rasmussen
​Creatives: Bridget Taylor, Verity Dookia, Avril Durkan, Ruairidh Haworth, Nick Edmonds
Design: Samantha Haehae
Producer: Liz Garneau
Media: Richard Thompson, Suzie Thompson
Social: Tom Bates 

Production Partner: Augusto
Director: James Anderson

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