Ads of the week: 21 June

Who’s it for: Energy Online by Contagion

Why we like it: Firstly, we like the ad for obvious reasons. Door knockers can be annoying. It’s not their fault, they’re only doing their jobs, but they just are. The clip is a good follow on from Energy Online’s last ad, which had a gargoyle scaring away door knockers to draw attention to its ‘no door knockers’ policy. This time it employed a menacing dinosaur to do the job. 

Who’s it for: V Energy by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: This clip is bursting with colour and energy, which is exactly what you would hope to see from a brand like V. The creative has an international feel, and looks like a bunch of exciting film trailers rolled into one. We like how it incorporates sport, music, dancing and other activities which require lots of energy and we’ve got to say, it does make V Pure look pretty desirable. 

Who’s it for: NZ Fire Service by FCB

Why we like it: You’d be hard pressed to find anyone with dry eyes after watching this spot. The dark, gloomy tour through the fire ravaged home hits hard, particularly when seeing the family at the end who were lucky to escape with their lives. FCB’s mixing of ash from house fires and ink, then printing ads in local papers also makes the message, being the danger of not having a working smoke alarm, all the more real. 

Who’s it for: The Co-operative Bank by Y&R

Why we like it: Who doesn’t want to be put-pocketed? We thought the idea of literally putting money into the pockets of the unsuspecting was a clever way of drawing attention to the bank’s rebate scheme. It also keeps with the bank’s less conventional approach to advertising, as seen in its previous campaigns

Who’s it for: Anchor by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: We like how well Anchor’s ‘Go Strong’ initiative transfers over to the Olympics hype, with Anchor linking its brand with starting the day strong by having a good breakfast with its products. It’s nice to see little-known, first-time Olympian Eliza McCartney put into the spotlight too.  

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