Bringin’ out the big puns

It’s nigh-on impossible to drive through the small North Island town of Bulls and not pull out a few cringeworthy puns. And science shows that the more you do it, the funnier it becomes, especially if you’re a dad. The town has fully embraced the bovine-based verbal gymnastics, and here’s a selection of brands that have done the same. 

Here’s 4.21 seconds of dropping the product name into an ad for Samsung’s Note 4. 

Here’s Kmart getting puerile with ‘Ship my Pants’ and ‘Big Gas Prices’, both of which were pretty popular. 

Here’s Verizon looking to replicate the viral success of K-Mart moment with some punmanship of its own. 

And here’s a spot for zings that really tries to drum home the brand. As Simon Veksner wrote recently, putting your product name in an ad is a surefire way to get it sold, and a surefire way to make it bad

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