Trendy people commissioned to make Google Glass look trendy

Indie music darling FKA Twigs has been commissioned by some of the cooler Google executives to produce a new ad for Google Glass.

The English songwriter, dancer and Mercury Prize nominee directs and features in the piece, which sees her using Glass to go on an online-meets-offline journey of discovery.

Twigs looks through the glasses to explore dance-moves and surreal makeup online, playing out her findings in ‘real life’.

Google Glass is both tool and accessory in the clip, and she makes them look pretty damn good.

The video is to the soundtrack of two of FKA Twigs’ songs re-scored, and directs the user to the Twitter hashtag #throughglass, and also to download her album.

The collaboration is part of the Google Glass Explorer series, a round up of select Google Glass users’ experiences using the technology that aims to deal with the Glasshole perception. Hopefully they don’t become addicted, like this 31-year-old navy serviceman. 

Of course, plenty of others have had some fun and created clips showing what the technology will really be used for. 

The ad follows another fun tech-based music video put up by a YouTuber who decided to test the new Apple iOS8 autocomplete function by writing a song with it.

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