Please do stop the music

When you come up with a good YouTube idea, it can go absolutely mad, as evidenced by the likes of Epic Rap Battles of History (which, strangely, took an ad in the recent Wired magazine), Bad Lip Reading, Will it Blend, Epic Meal Time and Honest Trailers. And there might be another one to add to the list: the very entertaining Musicless Musicvideo. 

Created by Mario Wienerroither, the whole idea is, as the name implies, to remove the music from some very well-known music videos and add in some new sounds, whether it’s Mick Jagger burping, Shakira polishing surfaces with her buttocks or that crazy guy from The Prodigy sneezing. Simple yet very effective and very funny. And it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that music videos are a weird genre. 

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