Prime gives its brand a facelift – UPDATED

Prime TV has unveiled a new, colourful look to coincide with the launch of a few fresh shows, which are rolling out as part of its 2016 programming schedule. 

Developed by branding agency Principals and rolled out across TV and online on Sunday, the new livery features a fresh logo super-imposed on an assortment of colourful backgrounds.  

The change comes off the back of Prime’s content deal with CBS, which has seen international TV content, including Limitless, Elementary and Scorpion, added to the programming schedule.

Principals NZ director Tessa Shaw she hopes that the new look will help to modernise the entertainment brand.  

“The work we’ve done is reflective of the new programming the channel has to offer, and we think this new identity helps position them as a true entertainment brand,” Shaw says.

While Prime has previously been regarded as the smaller alternative channel to the mainstream, Shaw says the new programmes have broadened the channel’s appeal and an “identity refresh” was in order.

“It was time to stand up as the strong market player that they had become and shake off the ‘poor cousin’ persona. Prime needed to hero the international content that they had invested in effectively and embrace their loyal followers and welcome those discovering the channel again.”

Shaw says that Prime hasn’t had a full rebrand in years, and that a series of changes introduced over time left the brand “disjointed”, making it important to introduce the total refresh at this stage.

Q&A with Prime’s marketing manager Kate Whittle:

Why was Principals the was chosen agency for the rebrand?

Principals really understood Prime as a channel and what we wanted to do with this rebrand.   And they have a raft of exceptional brand strategy and brand design talent. 

Which agency was Prime working with previously?

These major brand initiatives are done on a project by project basis with various branding & imagery specialists.   We used a pitch process and Principals were the successful agency. 

FCB is Prime’s advertising agency for all creative and media.

Why did Prime’s branding need the makeover?

Prime had always had a healthy brand positioning in the NZ market, we went from being ‘the little channel that could’ a decade ago to a real alternative to free-to-air viewing that resonated with audiences, however recently with the acquisition of the CBS content deal amongst other great broad-appeal content coming into Prime’s schedule we found our imagery no longer reflected the Prime we had become so it was time for an update.  The goal is to retain all the positive aspects and strengths Prime’s loyal audience loved – a premium and diverse channel that is entertaining, thought-provoking and passionate about great tv – while shifting the overall feeling of the channel to reflect a fresher, more dynamic, mainstream free-to-air channel that new viewers want to see.

When was the last time Prime underwent a rebranding?

The last full brand refresh was 2006. Since then we have updated elements of the brand positioning, on-air imagery, and logo at times, but we are very excited about this opportunity for a cohesive and complete rebrand.

What new programming is Prime offering this year?  

Prime’s new programming is a combination of people-pleasing US series from our CBS deal Limitless, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, high quality British drama Unforgotten, Partners In Crime, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, The Five, and incredible local productions The Brokenwood Mysteries S3Beneath New Zealand, Decades In Colour, Crayfishers, Forensics.

We also have brand new seasons of a lot of popular series returning this year, including Scorpion, Poldark, Top Gear, Bones and Modern Family alongside our Prime Sport offering which includes All Blacks’ matches and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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