Greg Grover returns for Nova, and the rhyming’s not over

In his book ‘Memory in Oral Traditions’, cognitive psychologist David Rubin argued that rhyming played an integral role in helping ancient storytellers to remember their tales and pass them on from one generation to the next. 
Rubin found this strategy to also be effective for modern students, who he observed scored better in recall tests when a strategy of rhyming was employed to a task. 

In an advertising context, this helps to explain why jingles, despite their annoying tunes, are so effective at cementing themselves to the memories of listeners.

Clemenger BBDO has also seen benefits of this strategy. And following on from its 2014 spot for Nova Energy (a subsidiary of Todd Corporation), the agency has brought back Greg Grover—and his incessant rhyming—for another spot.

While some questioned the use of rhyming in the original spot, Clemenger says “the results were fantastic” and led to “significant growth in brand awareness and purchase consideration”.

The latest spot again employs a humorous bit of rhyming, but this time it comes with a series of broken-telephone-styled misunderstandings caused by the noise of garden tools.     

“You’ve also got to applaud their bravery for establishing their brand based on humour, rather than a safe and familiar route,” says Clemenger BBDO executive creative director Brigid Alkema.
“It’s all about embracing what Nova Energy stands for. They’re not about sausage sizzles, or branded blankets for little baby penguins. They’re simply about value for money.”

According to the latest figures on the Todd Corporation website, over 100,000 Kiwis have switched to Nova Energy, placing the energy company behind Genesis, Contact, Mighty River Power, Meridian and TrustPower in terms of the biggest energy suppliers across the nation. 

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