Paranormal success for viral campaign

paranormal-activity-dwrks2The surprise success in movieland this week is a bloody scary little thriller called Paranormal Activity. Shot over one weekend at the cost of NZ$20,000, the film is currently number four at the US box office. It made about NZ$10m last weekend – shamon!

How did it get this big?

Paramount Studios wasn’t sure how to market the movie, so they organised free screenings at universities and hoped a buzz for the film would spread virally online. The punt worked. It’s being tweeted about every micro-second and votes on the movie’s website for release in US towns have exceeded one million.

Audience reaction of Paranormal ActivityAudience reaction of Paranormal Activity

So does the hype match the movie? Most people are happy be shit-spooked by the low-budget effects and shaky hand-held camera, similar to the Blair Witch Project; only a few seemed disappointed.

General vibe on Twitter:

f**kin scary as hell

all I can say is I need a drink!!

It was f**king crazy.

paranormal activity was scarey! ughh shouldnt of watched it!

I’m afraid to be alone in my apartment right now

scared shitless

Youtube Video

Read more about it at www.paranormalactivity-movie.com.

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