oOh!media’s ‘Isolation art’ paints the town

Introducing the country’s biggest exhibition, The Urban Art Foundation and oOh!media have brought ‘Isolation art’ to the streets.

The exhibition, “In Isolation”, focuses on artwork produced by local artists during the current Covid-19 lockdown period.

Now across 200 locations of oOh!media’s network, the Kiwi art is now the largest exhibition in the country.

oOh!media New Zealand’s general manager, Nick Vile, said the longstanding partnership with Urban Art Foundation has been focused on bringing art to the public, with the “In Isolation” exhibition a continuation of this approach but the first at such scale.

“At a time of great uncertainty and anxiety in our local communities, this exhibition is hopefully a welcome distraction for citizens while they are out getting their daily exercise and fresh air or picking up their essential supplies,” he said.

“Great things have been achieved in periods of isolation throughout history – from Shakespeare writing King Lear to the theory of relativity being conceptualised, hopefully the “In Isolation” exhibition can provide  Kiwis with the inspiration to do something great while we are in lock down.”

The Creative Director of The Urban Art Foundation, Andrew Hagen, said they were thrilled to share the powerful works with local communities all around New Zealand through oOh!’s extensive network.

“We are really passionate about making art more accessible and sharing the emotions of these artists and artworks – which range from comedy and fear to anger and sadness –during these extremely difficult times.” he said.

The campaign went live this week and will run until 29th April. For more information on the exhibition, visit https://urbanart.nz/exhibitions.html.

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