Of Aucklanders and elephants

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: YellowLocal by Colenso BBDO and Down Low Concept

Why we like it: It might be a me-too act to counter the arrival of NZ Post’s Localist directory, but, at first glance, YellowLocal seems like it has plenty of good features and plenty of potential to grow. And the two TVCs, which feature real Aucklanders with real stories, do a pretty good job of telling viewers the big range of services the new digital directory service can offer them. Unlike the current incarnation of Yellow, it might actually be quite useful.

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Sky by DDB and Prodigy

Why we like it: Well, the same reasons we like all the Sky ads, really. And while the whole ‘Match Fit’ series has been fairly entertaining, this one gets top marks for its top notch comic timing and excellent elephant impression.

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