Not Beersies satire continues with brew kit, pouring guide and (not) beer garden

FCB has continued poking fun at beer drinking culture with a series of three satirical videos that showcase the Not Beersies versions of home brewing, pouring that perfect drink and hosting a beer garden.       

In each of the clips, the gravelly voice of the unseen narrator that has presumably lent his vocal talents to every beer commercial ever made is heard giving instructions to a regular bloke on how to successfully engage in a range of activities. And in typical infomercial style, the subject seems to be really bad at doing things as simple as pouring a glass of water.  

The Not Beersies brewing kit demonstrated in the first video is also available on Trade Me, and 57 Kiwis have already placed bids to get their hands on it (all proceeds from the sale will be donated to charity).

And this interest isn’t all that surprising, because, as the promotional copy on the Trade Me post explains, the Not Beersies brewing kit certainly has some benefits:       

“With the Official Not Beersies Home brew kit you’ll be brewing like a pro in no time! You can try warm English style Not Beersies or maybe fill the tub with Not Beersies and take a bath in it? That’s right, pour it all over your head and body or something, we don’t care, because in the land of Not Beersies dreams really do come true!” 

At the time of writing, the bidding had already reached $111 and one commenter had even offered a fully stocked man cave “complete with a dozen free idiots” for the kit. 


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