Nostalgia wins the day as Fruju spot takes inaugural Ad Impact honours

Youtube Video The consumers demanded that it be brought back. Tip Top listened to them. And it seems the Grapefruit and Lemon Fruju fairytale continues, because Colenso BBDO’s new spot for the quintessential summer treat has won the first round of Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact Award.

Colmar Brunton’s managing director Jacqueline Ireland says the ad blitzed its norms for branding, with almost eight in ten Kiwis giving it a top two box score on brand recognition. This was combined with above average levels of engagement, distinctiveness and enjoyment, which she says creates an ad that will “punch through and work hard in building curiosity and, ultimately, sales”.

“This ad stood out as a high performer in all areas: it cut through on brand, it was well-liked and it generated interest and desire for the brand. Fruju has gone back to its roots with a revival of the well loved ‘it’s gonna hit ya’ jingle. And it just shows how there’s something really timeless in great creative ideas. They remain relevant and engaging across generations and the power of dialling up the brand’s heritage is shown in how well branded the ad is.”

But it could have been oh so different.

“Interestingly enough, the initial script was for the ad to be very much part of the [Tip Top] campaign and the music as per the other ads,” says Colenso BBDO’s creative director Steve Cochran. “But we all made a last minute decision to change it out and we put the old music in. It just fitted in so well and lined up with the people ooohing and ahhhing perfectly.”

The specific product ads (Choc Bar and Jelly Tip are also in the market) are part of a larger summer campaign for Tip Top that was filmed by the Sweet Shop’s Mark & Louis in October last year and Cochran says the main goal was to “try and capture all that’s great about New Zealand summers, past, present and perhaps even future”.

“There’s a whole generation of young New Zealanders growing up that don’t necessarily recognise Tip Top is being a New Zealand brand—or recognise the competitors as being foreign. So it was about owning that New Zealandness.”

The shoot itself was basically a roadtrip through the lower North Island and, in typical Kiwi summer fashion, the crew had to deal with plenty of inclement weather—including snow—during the shoot.

As for results, it’s too early to tell for Fruju, as Cochran says the ad has only been up for a couple of weeks, but he says the Tip Top campaign as a whole is doing very well and the company had a great December in terms of sales.

TVNZ’s new channel promotion for TV1 featuring famous faces telling us what’s great about being a Kiwi was a close second, just pipped at the post by Fruju on engagement levels, driving interest levels and reappraisal.

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