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With a new TV channel about to launch, a few smart cookies at the helm who have well and truly laid the gauntlet at the feet of TVNZ, some positive radio results, good news on the interactive front and a new group buying venture on the horizon, 2011 is destined to be a fairly exciting one for MediaWorks. And, after a summer of reflection, Roger Beaumont, the director of marketing and communications, has decided the house is in good enough order for him to step down from his role.

“I’ve really enjoyed the last ten years [eight years of which have been in the current role], and with the launch of FOUR ready to go, and TV3’s new season about to launch, the time seemed right for the change,” he says. “It’s been a privilege to be in the company since 2001, working with some of the best people in the business, and also contributing to the growth of our brands. I’m going to be doing consulting work, including some activity for MediaWorks, so I’ll still be involved with the organisation and industry.”

Beaumont, who had moved away from the day to day marketing and PR activity and was spending more of his time focusing on the issues faced by the broadcasting industry as a whole, often working at a governmental level, leaves his fulltime role with the company at the end of February.

He says working at the marketing coalface can be pretty relentless and he didn’t want to have another groundhog year. So the logical next step for him is to continue on down the industry advocacy path. In saying that, he says he’ll never be a “mandarin” and intends to stay on the client side.

He doesn’t rule out a return to corporate world at some stage in the future but he’s happy to be doing some consulting work in the meantime. And he’ll be staying in Auckland.

“I don’t think the family would be too happy about a lifestyle move to Palmerston North,” he says.

Senior MediaWorks marketers Nicole Wood (head of PR) and Amanda Wilson (head of marketing) will now report directly to chief executive Jason Paris (who, in case you’re interested, is due for some solid coverage in the weekend papers).

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