Nike brings a new meaning to personal training

Nike has been one of the leading proponents of the quantified self trend with its suite of Nike+ products and Fuelband. Now, with the help of AKQA, it’s put some of that data to good use with the Your Year app and has created over 100,000 personalised animated films based on the activities of some of its more active users. And as well as celebrating the athletic achievements of its users, the videos also aim to inspire them to outdo their 2014 accomplishments.

​​Google and Facebook have also taken user data to create personalised videos and instant nostalgia, but, as is often the way when it comes to mass personalisation, Facebook had to apologise for its insensitive algorithm bringing painful memories back to the surface. Even so, as the Share a Coke campaign showed, humans love it when an experience is tailored to them—or, more accurately, if they perceive an experience has been tailored to them. And the Your Year app is a good example of that. 

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