Newcastle Brown Ale wants your brand to blow $4 million with them on a Super Bowl ad

Newcastle Brown Ale has long been know for taking the mickey with their advertising. So much so that it has become a central part of their brand identity. Now they are taking another stab at their favourite target, Super Bowl ads, with possibly their weirdest idea yet.

They started off the year strong by trying to enter a Doritos contest where the winning entrant gets their own Doritos themed ad featured during the Super Bowl. Now they are taking another swing at it and have enlisted the help of TV star Aubrey Plaza to help. The big idea? Get a bunch of little brands to pool all of their marketing budgets together so they can collectively afford one 30 second Super Bowl ad. 

They are looking to get a group of 20 to 30 brands together, which means $133,333 – $200,000 each, all for a bit of a laugh. Good luck to them.

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