New data from oOh!media shows Kiwi confidence creeping back

oOh!media has released new data from its network which shows Kiwis are rearing and ready to resume as normal following the end of lockdown.

The data was collected using oOh!s national network of 1,600 street furniture assets such as bus shelters, and shows more and more Kiwis leaving their homes in a bid to resume normality.

The results echo the optimism found in a new survey commissioned by oOh!media of 500 New Zealanders across the country. The key findings are:

  • 64 per cent agree that when social distancing restrictions have been removed they intend to get out and about more compared to before the outbreak.
  • 76 per cent of Kiwis agree they will feel more appreciative of outdoors and outdoor destinations compared to before.
  • 51 per cent intend to do more shopping in bricks and mortar stores.
  • 86 per cent indicated they would maintain heightened personal hygiene levels.
  • 54 per cent said they intend to be more social once restrictions are relaxed.
  • Almost 7 in 10 would be happy to travel between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 fear a sharpening of the curve with the arrival of winter.
  • 79 per cent said their appreciation for healthcare workers had increased.
  • 3 in 5 currently working from home are looking forward to returning to the office.
  • 65 per cent agree they will be more appreciative of once ‘mundane’ day-to-day activities that allow them to be out and about (e.g. commuting to work), compared to before the outbreak.
  • 67 per cent intend to take a short road-trip once all social distance restrictions have been removed and life returns to a new normal.

oOh!media New Zealand general manager Nick Vile said the data and survey results were encouraging news for people who had endured the necessary restrictions to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

“Kiwis have done a great job looking after themselves and each other throughout this difficult period,” he said.

“Now it’s encouraging to see that people are starting to get out more, leaving their homes to resume work and other social activities as we take steps to return to normal. The majority of people clearly want to be socialising and shopping again, and enjoying life more.”

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