Metamorphosis, mice and men, four seasons, and fire

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Who’s it for: Good Books by String Theory and Buck

Why we like it: It’s a brilliant, extremely well written tribute to the late great Hunter S. Thompson, it’s for a great cause, and the animation is stupendous.

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Who’s it for: Dulux by Clemenger BBDO and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: It blurs the lines between the real and the fantastic with a combination of handcrafted and computer animation.

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Who’s it for: NZ Army by Saatchi & Saatchi and Curious

Why we like it: It’s pacy, exciting, and action packed.

Youtube Video NZ Fire Service  ‘Could we live with ourselves?’

Who’s it for: New Zealand Fire Service by M&C Saatchi and Exit

Why we like it: The twist at the end. Playing the guilt card… the fear of your child having terrible scars as a result of your inaction is an effective and motivating reason to install or check alarms.

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Who’s it for: ASB by Droga5 and 8com

Why we like it:  Some nice piss-takery and self-deprecation, which shows ASB has a good—and some might say surprisingly uncommon—grasp of what people actually think about their bank.

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Who’s it for: Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income by GSL Network, Yukfoo, DoubleFish and 8com.

Why we like it: The financially savvy rodent is back, although he may have lost a few pounds in the GFC (geddit?). It’s also tried to simplify its message, with new slogan Think, Shrink and Grow (could almost work for Viagra too).

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