MediaWorks illuminates the streets with news through digital Adshels

MediaWorks has teamed up with Adshel to make sure the Newshub brand can be seen anywhere and everywhere, keeping commuters updated with the latest news headlines from Adshel’s digital network. 

The partnership is part of a campaign to promote Newshub and will see live feed headlines covering news, world, sport and entertainment appear on Adshel Live digital screens across Auckland’s CBD.

The images include pictures of smartphones displaying Newshub’s latest news to encourage people to download the Newshub app on their phones.

MediaWorks’ news and current affairs marketing executive Will Seal says with Adshel Live’s digital screen network, MediaWorks was able to promote its product like never before.

“The network gave us the perfect platform to showcase the benefits of Newshub; that is, its up-to-the-minute news updates and accessibility.”

Adshel general manager Nick Vile says Adshel Live offers advertisers the ability to provide dynamic, engaging messages to their target audience.

“Through this campaign, MediaWorks had the ability to update content 24/7 with uninterrupted and fast access to web content. We are pleased to have partnered with MediaWorks in keeping New Zealanders in the know.”

In a similar vein, NZME recently launched two digital billboards with live newsfeeds, with the aim of “keeping New Zealanders in the know”.

The billboards will cover news, sports and entertainment as well as breaking news alerts by featuring a leading story and dynamically inserted headlines to keep the content fresh and informative.

By placing enticing headlines on the billboards, NZME aims to encourage city folk to reach for their mobile phones to get the full story. And at a time when the media company is trying to extend its footprint across as many channels as possible, this adds another layer of integration opportunity.     

However, these billboards will be permanent, with two digital sites at Hardinge Street and the corner of Graham and Victoria Streets.

NZME chief marketing officer Liza McNally said earlier: “The advantage of this is that they are always on and as they are NZME-owned assets we have complete flexibility with them.”

Campaign credits:

Media agency: Spark PHD

Creative director: Ant Farac

Art director: Shane Bosnich-Wood

Marketing exec: Will Seal Developer: Kevin Dowd

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