Brace yourself for travel ad take off

New Zealand’s travel industry is on the rise and so are the ads, and NZME has shown this as literally as it can through its own travel publication.

In January, there was 145,700 trips overseas by New Zealand residents, up 11,900 from the same time last year according to Statistics New Zealand.

It appears travel-themed media is accommodating the growth with the Herald’s latest Travel magazine boasting not only its biggest edition, but also the biggest newspaper pull out travel magazine in the world – it thinks.

Previously filling 12 pages, this week it fills 60. However, before you think you get carried away and dedicate at least an afternoon to reading it cover to cover, just know it’s not all editorial content.

The editor, Winston Aldworth admits in his editorial that the magazine is big because of all the ads in it.

“Newspapers get big when there are more ads in them,” he says before congratulating the ad sales team for their hard work.

Aldworth goes on to tell readers to expect to see a lot more advertisements for the travel industry as it looks to make the most of New Zealanders who “want to dive in”.

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