Colenso kicks off Tui partnership by heading to the beach

Tui has tapped into surf culture to celebrate the launch of its new golden lager in a new spot features views of sunsets, rolling waves and the tagline ‘men in expensive suits’.  

The new campaign is the first produced by Colenso, since the agency won the Tui account earlier this year.  

However, the end product is something of a collaborative effort, given that Saatchi & Saatchi developed the packaging prior to handing the account over to the agency on College Hill.  

DB’s senior comms adviser, Simon Smith, says the brand spoke to consumers and one of the key points was that they wanted an updated look.

“New Tui Golden Lager packaging was designed to celebrate where Tui comes from and the moments we drink it in the sunshine with good mates. Ideally bringing the good life to life.”

While Saatchi & Saatchi say they are pleased with how the packaging turned out, earlier this year Tui ended its relationship with the agency, opting instead to work on a project by project basis. Smith told StopPress:

“From now on any incumbent agencies, including Saatchi could be asked to work on a project.”

Saatchi & Saatchi is responsible for a number or award winning campaigns for Tui including ‘Beer plumber’ and ‘Tui Catch a million’.

By tapping into surf culture, Tui’s new look resembles Corona’s branding.

The Mexican beer’s tag line “From Where You’d Rather Be” is supported by images and video of surfers traveling the world in search of waves and sunsets.

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