Pleasures of the flesh: New Zealand Beef and Lamb plays the content marketing card with redesigned Meat magazine

As a chap by the name of Doug Kessler once said, traditional marketing talks at people, but content marketing talks with them. And, like an increasing number of brands, New Zealand Beef & Lamb is combining the two, with its above-the-line Iron Maidens—Sarah Walker, Sophie Pascoe and Lisa Carrington—raising the profile of its meaty wares and the redesigned Meat magazine starring MasterChef winner Chelsea Winter aiming to provide some easily-achievable culinary inspiration. 

Marketing manager Lisette Knight says its marketing focuses on five pillars: taste; cooking; health and nutrition; quality; and country of origin. And its biggest challenge at the moment is educating consumers about how to prepare it. 

"There's a big group of New Zealanders who don't know how to cook our product," she says. 

That's where Meat magazine, which is distributed through Foodstuffs, Mad Butcher and other big meat retailers, comes in. There have been eight issues produced in around three years and Tangible Media recently gained the contract to produce it, with the latest issue proving to be the most successful yet, with 160,000 copies printed in the first run and another run of 35,000 needed. 

"We've had great feedback from consumers, retailers and farmers on the new issue," she says. 

While Knight says it has linked the print product to online content in the past, there is a greater emphasis on video content this time (with filming done by On Digital) and there is also greater integration with Facebook and mobile (through the use of QR codes).

Winter isn't being used in any above-the-line activity, with the Iron Maidens continuing to do their primary job and raise awareness of the product and continuing the legacy of a campaign that was kicked off around ten years ago by the Evers-Swindell twins

Most of its marketing is done in-house, she says, although it did employ the services of Below-the-Line for the most recent campaign featuring its newest star, Lisa Carrington. 

"It does work well. She resonates beautifully with our consumers," she says. 

But it's not all about marketing. The high dollar has led to an increase in lamb consumption in recent months, something Tegel has also referenced in its 'The meal man does best' campaign, which also tries to educate consumers. 


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