Fly away, Falcon

Ahhh, the Falcon, that most graceful of winged creatures, and that most boganic of wheeled machines. Following news that Ford was ceasing manufacture in Australia, the 56-year-old model—one of the longest running nameplates in automotive history—will be no more come 2016. So in honour of the beast, here's a collection of classic Falcon ads from the region that have run over the years, including the classic 1989 campaign that reportedly saw requests to drive the new 'Ford Lately' go through the roof. 

According to a release, while the news will obviously have a major impact on Australia, the restructure does not extend to Ford New Zealand. Ford will continue to provide parts, service and technical support for Falcons for a minimum of ten years until 2026 and beyond. The Territory, which is also manufactured in Australia, will cease to be made there as well but no decision has yet been made on whether the nameplate will remain.  

Ford Australia and Ford New Zealand will proceed with plans to launch updated versions of the Falcon and Territory in 2014, as well as offering the Fiesta, Focus, Ranger and Kuga. 

Now take a drive back in time with these stunners. 

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