The Compendium: 24 May


The pinnacle of advertising has been reached with this mad spot for an Ibiza nightclub. 

After shipping its pants, now Kmart is promoting some big gas savings. 

Some more commercial absurdity from Old Spice with this weird/beardvertising (and here's some more). 

An animated UK adventure courtesy of Wallace and Gromit. 

Puma gets weird, earnest and interpretive to sell its new fragrances through 'Dance Dictionary'. 

Tobuscus breaks down the fourth wall and gets trapped in a Hot Pocket commercial. 

It pays to remember that it's just a dog the blind want to bring along.

A real estate agent with some sick (indoor/outdoor) flow. 

The How Ridiculous crew nail a few Aussie-related trick shots. 

Nicola Tesla vs. the venture capitalists. 

A track from the Lonely Island's new album that shows they're all grown up and hating it (NSFW, depending on where you work, of course)

What truth in advertising would really look like. 

One of the many 'Get Lucky' remixes, although this one from Peter Serafinowicz could be the weirdest (here's another poultry-related number). 

Behold the wonder of 5 Second films. 

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