McDonald’s hires mythbuster to prove its nuggets aren’t gross

After recording record lows in US sales last week, McDonald’s has fought back against critics by hiring former Mythbusters host Grant Imahara to show viewers what’s really in McNuggets.

Rumours have always circulated about all the ‘bad bits’ being in chicken nuggets – beaks, claws, those wobbly bits on roosters. Pictures labelled as being shot inside McDonald’s factories have gone viral online, showing pink slime oozing into an industrial vat. 

McDonald’s has been tackling the rumours head on by answering tough questions in different markets and now it’s released a video showing Imahara walking through one of its suppliers factories. 

Even though the real footage isn’t too endearing itself, at least it dispels the terrible mythology that was growing around those tasty fried treats we call McNuggets.

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