TVCs of the week: 16 December

Who it’s for: Sky by DDB and the Sweet Shop

Why we like it: strong story-telling, beautiful cinematography and a perfect catchphrase combine in this spot to give a stunning visual representation of the sense of freedom that Sky is attempting to relay. And while the ad is being used to promote the updates to the Sky TV on-demand offering, the metaphor used could just as easily be applied to other areas of the viewers’ lives.     

Who it’s for: the Health Promotion Agency by FCB and Robbers Dog

Why we like it: FCB does a brilliant parody of the infomercial tropes of omniscient narrators and people just generally being very bad at everyday things. And while this isn’t a TVC, the series of three clips released online have provided an entertaining extension of a campaign that aims to make water an acceptable option at the bar.     

Who it’s for: Air New Zealand by Host and Two Bearded Men

Why we like it: Air New Zealand tugs at the heartstrings with a Christmas spot that gives a few Kiwis kids living in rural New Zealand a bit of Christmas magic. The general mood of this feel-good spot is perfectly captured by the young girl who says: “This is the best day of my life.”      

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