Kiwi as Kiwi ad brings home Ad Impact bacon

With a whole stack of newbies that were well-liked by respondents and strong on their branding, it was a tough job picking this month’s Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award winner. But it seems we enjoy having a bit of laugh at ourselves, because Goodman Fielder’s Kiwi Bacon ad by Buffalo Creative and Curious came out on top with its quirky celebration of our local importation traditions—and, by extension, our local pigs.

Youtube Video “It’s reminding us that, just like bogans and mullets, Kiwi Bacon is uniquely ours, and stirring up our patriotism in a way that really appeals to the Kiwi sense of humour,” says Harriet Dixon from Colmar Brunton.

Last year, Buffalo Creative, a three-year old Freemans Bay-based indie agency, won the pitch for Kiwi bacon, taking it off incumbent M&C Saatchi. And while creative director Jason Anderson says it’s done some small budget TVCs in the past and one large campaign for Massey a few years back, this was certainly one of the biggest productions the design-slanted agency has done so far. And, anecdotally, he says it’s been received very well, both by client and consumer.

The reason it focused on the idea of importation was that “there are a whole lot of pretenders” bringing in meat from China, Canada, Australia and other countries and packing it in New Zealand. Many consumers don’t seem to know that, he says, so while it’s alright to bring rugby players, cars, fashion and occasionally even wives in to the country, they wanted to show its not alright to bring in your bacon, so it’s living by its name and showing all of its products are locally sourced.

“Would you rather have bacon that comes from a pig in China that’s been injected with water to get its weight up with your eggs, or bacon from across the road?”

Kiwi has a rich heritage of humour and, er, Kiwi-ness and that’s been continued with this latest ad. Anderson says it was a very collaborative process with Curious, with lots of different scenarios pitched before settling on the final ideas. And, given the success of this ad, he’s hopeful there might be some other Goodman Fielder brand goodies it can get its hands on in the future.

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A close second in this month’s round was Telecom’s ‘The Smartphone Network’ ad by Saatchi & Saatchi and Prodigy. Harking back to the glory days of the national telco, this beautifully shot ode to communication tugged at the heart strings, while cleverly associating special moments in life with the abilities of its network to share them.

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A special mention also goes to the adorable (but a couple of years old) Cuddly fabric softener ad.

Little people (especially cute ones) are a time honoured winner in advertising, and perfect for promoting a mother’s care and love,” says Dixon. “Like Telecom, the ad does a great job of persuading consumers about the product’s unique benefits while also appealing to the emotions.”


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