Bubble and squeak, cut and run

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Purex by Colenso BBDO and Partizan UK

Why we like it: We’re suckers for origami. We’re suckers for stop motion. We’re suckers for soft toilet paper. And we’re suckers for ruffle-faced shar-peis. So imagine how excited we were when all these things were combined.

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Caltex by Y&R Singapore and Otto

Why we like it: Caltex has got a good thing going with the ‘little oily guys cleaning your engine as you drive’ thing. And this bubble-laden spot that was filmed in New Zealand (by imports, mind you) is the latest expression of that. Not a bad effort to celebrate the 75th anniversary, although it’s tough to beat this gravity defying Australian number from the ’60s.


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