Just like a three dimensional human wingman, only virtual

The wingman. When employed correctly, they’re the one person you can count on to bail you out when you’re being hit on by someone in a bar you can’t stand, or, conversely, when you need a hand to seal the deal. But ever heard of a digital wingman? As part of its new campaign to celebrate the return of the Chick’n McCheese, together with the launch of the new spicy Chicken McWings, McDonald’s has teamed up with DDB Group to deliver a campaign that employs the use of puns as well as a virtual wingman to “talk you up”.

With a headline that reads “The Chick’n McCheese is back in the game and he’s brought his Wingman”, the new campaign features a virtual wingman you can download to your Facebook page.

DDB Group RAPP Tribal creative director Aaron Goldring says the campaign leverages the success of the McDonald’s NZ Facebook page, which currently has 111,233 fans.

When you make a comment, post a video, upload a photo—or do whatever it is you like to do on Facebook—the wingman selectively responds in due course with a comment. And that kind of reinforcement, says Goldring, is the premise for the new app.

“The insight for us is that people on Facebook like to share and they’re looking for people to make comments on the information they share.

“We’re trying to make people feel good by responding,” says Goldring.

As well as replying to posts on Facebook, you can also follow the latest wingman comments on the McDonald’s Facebook Page.

But replying to every post on Facebook would be a bit of a mammoth task, and Goldring admits they have to be a little selective about what they can respond to, in spite of people complaining when they post something and get no response from the wingman.

The campaign launched on Sunday and will run for about one month, utilising media that includes a press ad and contextual digital display banners.









  • DDB Group Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
  • RAPP Tribal Creative Director: Aaron Goldring
  • Art Director: David Reid
  • Copywriter: Stephen Anderson
  • Producer: Lucy Sampson
  • Developer: Jonathan Alpers
  • Designer: Tua Matenga
  • Creative Services Manager: Kristen Roger
  • Planner: Chris Dawson
  • Account Service: Zoe Alden, Karla Fisher, Jono Earles & Kate Eveleigh

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