Joy, stars and heat

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Who’s it for: NZ Tax Refunds by Special Group and Finch

Why we like it: Everyone loves getting an unexpected windfall. And they’ve captured the difficulty of internalising such joy so you can spend it all yourself pretty well. Humour and tax, who would’ve thunk it.

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Who’s it for: McKenna by Zephyr and Curious

Why we like it: It’s not an easy option getting a big Hollywood star to endorse a product for a campaign that’s only meant to run in New Zealand. And while there are a few booze ad cliches in the finished product, it’s nicely done and it certainly caught our attention.

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Who’s it for: Hell Pizza by Barnes, Catmur & Friends

Why we like it: The product is brilliant. And this ad, unlike some of the promotional stuff Hell does inhouse, hits the mark.

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