Meet the ‘new you’: Quitline calls on Clemenger BBDO

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In its first new work since Clemenger BBDO bolstered its social marketing portfolio by winning its creative account late last year, Quitline is launching a major new TV, outdoor and online campaign tonight.

Following a three-way pitch, the Wellington agency was appointed to position Quitline as the most effective way for New Zealanders to stop smoking.

The campaign invites viewers to contact Quitline and “meet the new you”, featuring smokers using its services (Text2Quit, Quit Blog, Phone, Patches, Gum) to slowly leave their ‘old self’ behind and transform into a happier, shinier and all around more bang-up new smoke-free self.

In a departure from traditional social marketing campaigns, Quitline’s new campaign uses a direct ‘call to action’ approach, prompting smokers to act now; it focuses on the core message that people who quit smoking with Quitline’s support are five times more likely to successfully quit than those who quit without any help.

Clemenger BBDO managing director Andrew Holt had this to say.

“As an ex-smoker myself you know it’s bad for you, but the real barrier to quitting is the fear that you actually can’t stop. Quitline run a fantastic service and we wanted the new work to give people the confidence that with Quitline you’re 5x more likely to give up the smokes.”


The telly ads feature six clients who have successfully given up using Quitline’s services. They were created using a ‘swing shift’ technique, which shows the former smokers literally stepping out of their old selves and transforming into their new happier selves. In becoming their new selves they tell us which Quitline service helped them to successfully give up smoking.

“The stars of these advertisements are ordinary people who took action because they wanted to get control back and rid themselves of this addiction,” says Quitline CEO Paula Snowden.

The advertisements, which are available in both English and Māori, will be broadcast on all major networks and adapted for online, radio and bus shelter advertisements.

According to Snowden, the ‘New You’ campaign aims to inspire, focussing on the benefits of quitting and the free support available through Quitline.

“The more people that can be encouraged and helped to quit, the closer New Zealand is to achieving the Smokefree 2025 goal. We have enjoyed working with Clemenger BBDO on this campaign and were particularly impressed by their in-depth client knowledge and portfolio of successful campaigns such as the recent ‘Ghost Chips’ advertisements for The New Zealand Transport Authority.”

The talent

Dave Ure
42-year-old Dunedinite Dave Ure started smoking when he was just 12.

“I’d pinch my father’s cigarettes and smoke them under the caravan.”

Jane Fookes

Jane Fookes has around $100 extra in her pocket every week since she quit smoking. The 33-year-old Wellingtonian is saving for her wedding so the extra cash really helps.

She had been a smoker for 15 years but earlier this year she “just got sick of it”. She didn’t like how much money she was spending or the feeling of being tied to needing to smoke. Plus, she wanted to be healthier.

Jasmine Reti
Realising that she had been smoking for 10 years was the wake-up call that Aucklander Jasmine Reti needed to quit.
She’d started smoking at age 17 and had tried to quit twice before she kicked the habit for good in 2008. She chose her father’s birthday as the occasion she would stop, quitting the day after his party.

Luke Slotemaker
When 25-year-old Luke Slotemaker found himself huffing and puffing when running around with his young son, he decided he had to quit smoking. He found that nicotine patches and gum took the edge of his cravings.

He was so motivated by his new sense of vitality that he decided to embark on a 674km cycle around the South Island to inspire others to quit smoking.

Maria Elisaia
One of the times Aucklander Maria Elisaia is most thankful she no longer smokes is at the supermarket. “Many a time I stood at the counter and thought: with $20 do I buy food to put on the table or do I buy smokes? I no longer have that dilemma.”

Scotty Darnill
Scotty Darnill is not the only one who has benefited since he quit smoking. “My wife is a lot happier because she says I don’t stink anymore. You don’t realise how much you stink until you stop smoking. After a few weeks you start smelling other smokers. I’m embarrassed I smelt that bad as well.”

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