Jiminy crickets!

From Paul the octopus, to Paulo the octopus, to Futnik the pig, to Citta the elephant to Nicholas the llama to our own Richie McCow, supposedly psychic animals predicting the outcome of sports games is like catnip to media. And the Herald has introduced a new soothsaying creature to the list, with Cricket the cricket so far nailing three out of four games in the Cricket World Cup. 

Unfortunately, Cricket has predicted a loss for New Zealand in today’s game against England. 

The black field cricket lives at Butterfly Creek in Auckland (reminiscent of the argument over the likes of ASB Bank and AUT University, shouldn’t Butterfly Creek Cricket Ground actually be called the BCCG, rather than the BCG?) and the winners are chosen with the help of orange segments (“because the insects could drown in water easily, they preferred to drink from oranges,” apparently). 

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