The Jillian Michaels of weight loss apps

The series of ‘Carrot’ apps have become famous for sadistically pushing users towards better behaviours. The latest edition is Carrot Hunger, an intelligent calorie counter that either punishes or rewards you for the way you eat, or rather how much you eat.

The app has an in built barcode scanner which makes entering your day’s food into the inbuit diary pretty easy, as well as a search option for barcodeless foodstuffs. It gives you a warning if you go over the predetermined calorie limit and can even hand out punishments. These include verbal insults, barraging you with full-sreen ads or even sending a message to your friends to notify them of your shameful eating habits. 

It even has an option to integrate iBeacon technology so it knows when you are going to the fridge so it can tell you off before you open the door. She gets miffed if you ignore her too.

But the clever developers integrated a bribing option so you can pay the app to not enter some of your calorie intake into your food diary. Surely you could get around this by withholding this information from her though.

Also in the Carrot suite are Carrot to-do, Carrot alarm clock and Carrot fit. As of yet this is the only free app released by the company.

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