IT company jumps truck over F1 car, ups cool quota in the process

How does one make a IT storage hardware solutions and cloud computing company look cool?

How about sponsoring a giant truck to jump a speeding Formula 1 car, setting a world record in the process?

IT giant EMC has done just that, and more, to ensure it is the most badass IT company on the block.

Since releasing its Guiness World Record certified truck jump clip on YouTube last week the company has got more than 9 million views, with many in the comments demanding slow-motion footage both for fun and to prove it was real.

EMC is a multi-national technology company specialising in data storage, information security and cloud computing. According to Wikipedia, it has revenue of over $23b per year. 

In a pretty successful effort to be cool, the company has repeatedly paired up on some action-packed ads involving fast cars, big trucks, and crazy stunts.

The IT giant is obviously finding Fast and the Furious type advertising, no matter how removed from its practices, to be a hit.

In May EMC released a YouTube video staging a Tokyo Drift -style scene with a difference – instead of a car EMC used a 200 tonne truck to drift around delicates like a fish tank, expensive vintage cars, and a workstation.

While some might ask, ‘What does this have to do with cloud computing?’, EMC have an answer for that. It’s “demonstrating that market-leading size and scale don’t mean you can’t also maintain incredible agility…This is what happens when you precision-drift a truck the size of your house – an apt metaphor for how mega market-leader EMC DPAD manages your priceless and fragile data”.

But the pairing with cars doesn’t stop at a few YouTube clips. EMC joined up with the Lotus F1 Team to redesign its car based on data insights – from design to manufacturing, and even trackside, it says.

Check out its infographic to see exactly how data made this car go faster.

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