Innovative Phantom posters determine brands audience

Through some seriously innovative technology, Phantom Billstickers and digital analytics company Quividi, have been able to pick up personal information from the people who have been in front of their recently launched OOH digital screens.

A month after switched on, the new Locky Dock screens are providing an opportunity for marketers to spotlight ads while e-bike riders recharge their bikes for free.

Thanks to Phantom’s data analytics, launch advertisers including businesses from the education, FMCG, quick-service restaurant, and sports sectors, have been able to find out a fair bit about the people who have viewed their ads.

During the first month, more than 580,000 people walked past the ten Christchurch Locky Dock sites. Data reveals that the audience skewed slightly male with a youthful tinge, and the rest being seniors or children.

Phantom also revealed that on average, viewers spent five second in front of the poster sites.

Passer-byers have no need to worry however as the screens only capture generic audience information. No images are recorded and all data is anonymised to protect privacy.

The data found is then supplied to clients, providing them with priceless feedback on the street-level engagement made through their poster campaigns.

After a positive result in Christchurch, Phantom digital OOH installations, paired with free e-bike charging stations, will also launch in Auckland, Wellington, and Rotorua in the coming months.

Phatom’s marketing manager, Ben Stonyer, says the combination between Phantom, Locky Dock and Quividi has been a win for advertisers.

“We’ve always known that street posters get noticed, and we’ve got the sales figures and a shed-load of anecdotal evidence to back that up. But now we can show actual viewer numbers and interactions, so clients can see how their campaign creative has performed.

“Data and posters – now they’re together at last!”

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