The inglorious fruits and vegetables fight against food waste

The European Union declared 2014 as the year against food waste, and Paris-based creative agency Marcel Paris latched onto this to release an Intermarché campaign called les fruits et légumes moches, or the inglorious fruits and vegetables.

Rather than only selling sexy, perfectly formed fruits and vegetables, Marcel Paris dedicated an entire aisle to ‘ugly produce’ that was traditionally considered too unappealing to sell. Consumers were given a 30 percent lower price point than that of standard fruits and veggies, and the rejects were even given their own line of vegetable soups and fruit juices.

The campaign resonated with consumers almost immediately, and the supermarket reported average sales of 1.2 tonnes per store of the Inglorious fruits and vegetables range two days after launching. A claimed 13 million were reached with the print, film and radio campaigns, and social media traction. That’s a lot of people talking about Intermarché.

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