I’m on a boat, I’m a man, I’ve got a smartphone

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Who’s it for: Interislander by Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington and The Sweet Shop.

Why we like it: Take the romance of the ferry, some classic New Zealand summer imagery and a surprisingly uncringeworthy ukelele version of the classic Interislander jingle, and you’ve got yourself an ad that somehow makes going on a boat across one of the windiest stretches of water in the world seem like a good idea. If you notice any similarities between this and the latest Tip Top ad, it’s possibly because it was directed by the same Sweet Shop pairing of Mark and Louis (and here’s the first instalment).

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Who’s it for: Speight’s Summit lager by Publicis Mojo and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: Filmed in Glenorchy, shot by Steve Ayson and, slightly worryingly for the Auckland branch of Publicis Mojo, the second Speight’s ad in recent history that was conceived and created by the Sydney branch, this is another prime example of the thin brown line between advertising and entertainment in the beer category. Given Summit tends to be thought of as a fairly posh beer by stoic Gold Medal Ale drinkers, this collection of beards, beasts, beer and bush-bashing might just help add some manliness to the brand.

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Who’s it for: Vodafone by Colenso BBDO and Special Problems

Why we like it: A nice bit of smartphone tomfoolery for Christmas.

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