I can feel it coming out of the air tonight

While there are many exciting uses for drones, the most consumer-friendly use of the technology is film. Many birds don’t take too kindly to the space invaders. Privacy advocates don’t like them much either. And, as a clip that got picked up yesterday from Kor Creative showed, neither do schoolkids from Rosmini College. So in honour of the destructive kick, here are few other drone-based clips. 

A few years back, Nokia, Telecom and Colenso BBDO launched the new Nokia Lumia range with a stunt that purported to show the All Blacks knocking a coptercam out of the sky. 

If you can’t kick a drone out of the air, how about you fish it out of the air (if only the pilot had invested in the pretty scary flying gun).  

There’s nothing better than seeing a drone buzzing through the sky. Actually, scratch that, there is something better: seeing them crash.  

While you’re likely to get good footage from a wedding, you might also get stitches if the pilot isn’t up to snuff. 

There are plenty of concerns from the aviation industry about dodgy drone use and there have been a few near misses. And this fake clip taps into that fear. 

But for our money, the potential loss of life from horrific plane crashes will be greatly outweighed by the immense benefits the technology could bring in terms of food delivery.

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