Don’t skip just yet

While the knee-jerk reaction to a pre-roll is generally an attempt to hit the skip button as quickly as possible, this isn’t always the case. Not all pre-rolls are created equal—and Mountain Dew and the Wall Street Journal are showing why a bit of creativity pays when it comes to producing these ads.

With Wall Street Journal opting for the more cerebral approach and Mountain going for something outright obnoxious, the efforts of the respective brands couldn’t be further each other; and yet, they both relay their points brilliantly.

The Wall Street Journal’s pre-roll simply shows three business people (all of whom have virtually no time) sitting down and reading the the publication.  

In addition to the pre-rolls, the Wall Street Journal has also launched additional online content featuring the business people talking about why they make time.   

In contrast to all the seriousness in the Wall Street Journal campaign, Mountain Dew has instead opted for the quirkier side of life by having a its brand ambassador, NBA star Russell Westbrook, slide into screen during completely unexpected moments. 

The pre-roll ties in nicely to the TVC, which shows the eye-catching interrupter came to take on his powerstance after drinking Mountain Dew Kickstart. This also provides a strong indication of why it pays to separate executions on the various channels.  


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