Hubbards gets pranky—UPDATED

Hubbards has gone over the top for its latest campaign, releasing two hidden camera style videos via Sugar & Partners that terrify and excite unsuspecting victims.

​The campaign promotes the new Toppers range, which according to Facebook, “creates a little over the top excitement every morning”, an idea replicated in the videos.

Sugar & Partners creative director Dave Nash says because Facebook and YouTube video are the primary media placements, it wanted to create something that felt like a natural fit – not another ad people instantly wanted to skip or scroll past.

“Facebook and Youtube are full of hilarious videos in this style, we just wanted to add to it – have a bit of fun and showcase a new product.”

In ‘Epic Wake Up Call’, the unsuspecting Clive is subject to a wake up call in which a live rendition of his usual alarm clock sound is played by three guys on glockenspiels.

Nash says Clive is a good friend of Sugar & Partners, who it knows would see the funny side of things.

The second video is ‘Lion Dog’, which, as the name suggests, sees a dog transformed into a lion and let lose in the Auckland Domain to scare early morning runners and cafe goers.

The result, is a hilarious compilation of reactions to the Lion Dog.

StopPress has approached Hubbards for comment and will update the story accordingly.

Hubbards’ trickery has received attention on the Facebook page in the form of nearly 2,000 shares and people submitting images of their own dog dressed up as lions.

Watching people react to the lion dog with such fear while entertaining, suggests lions are getting a bad wrap. This article by The Telegraph says dogs are responsible for up to 25,000 human deaths each year, while lions kill less than 100 people each year.

However, the reactions to this ‘spider dog’ are totally called for.

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