Flick shows its comedic spark with some help from Kiwi jesters

Flick Electric Co. partnered with the NZ International Comedy Festival earlier in the year, and it’s recently launched videos on its Facebook page of New Zealand comedians talking about electricity and offering some great advice, like Wilson Dixon’s ‘tip’ to turn your car headlights on and point the car in the direction of your windows to save on power.

Since the launch of the festival Flick has been active on Facebook, using the comedians as influencers of sorts.

Black and white videos on its Facebook page feature them talking about their own electricity experiences for about a minute and a half, with comedians like Laura Daniel, Alice Brine, Wilson Dixon and Brendon Green. Flick has also been Tweeting, giving away tickets to shows and sharing information about the festival and the acts.

Flick has also been active on Snapchat, and showed behind the scenes footage of comedians getting ready and other bits and pieces during the NZ International Comedy Festival gala night.

The team behind the festival said they liked the Flick brand, said Flick general manager of brand Jessica Venning-Bryan earlier, which resulted in the partnership.

“They liked our brand attitude and asked if we’d be interested in having a conversation with them and gave us a breakdown of people who would be going to the festival,” she said.

“And all their customers sounded exactly like our customers … So we rang them and they got us straight away and said our brands make sense together.”

Strangely enough, even their brand colours align, both sporting yellow, black and white. 

Since Flick arrived on the on the scene in August 2014 it has made an effort to distinguish itself from other power companies, marketing to a younger market with a mostly digital presence.

Flick sells its electricity at wholesale prices, offering its customers access to the fluctuating spot market, rather than marking up the price. This allows customers to monitor these peaks and troughs in the market online or through a mobile app, according to its website. So, basically, when electricity is cheaper, punters know that’s the best time to switch on the dehumidifier.

Its marketing approach so far has been offbeat, funny and irreverent (with its most recent brand ad featuring comedian Laura Daniel) so a partnership with the Comedy Festival seems like a good fit. 

The festival runs until 15 May. 

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