How now, brown cow? New Idealog spreads its knowing wings

Life is tough. There are many undesirable situations in the world right now. The Greek economy, world hunger, Justin Bieber … Idealog doesn’t claim to have all the answers but its latest issue can help with some of the lesser details, like how to read your rival’s financial statements, shut down a dinner party bore, give a winning speech, get on the front page, self-publish and more.

The best bit? It has to be the photo of ad man Mike Hutcheson doing ‘rock fingers’ and wearing some kick-arse aviators. That’s because he’s got ten top tips on how to lunch like an ’80s rock star.

So, year, nar, year, nar, what else? Writer Simon Pound goes inside the freezer at the icy cold home of new ice block brand Nice Blocks. Fonterra and Tip Top got a bit of a media serve a while back because their new brand The Ice Bar Co. bore some striking similarities to Nice Blocks’ boutique look and feel. Months and months on, business is booming and these blokes are hanging off the back end of a tiger.

Other editorial goodies include Dion Nash’s new man brand; a gaming bootcamp; Wetox, which is turning sludge into cash; agony aunt Lance Wiggs; the emerging talent of Go Vocab; MP Nikki Kaye gets a grilling; and more design talent than you can shake a stick at.

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